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Looking for a pre approval on a mortgage loan? We provide them free of charge!

Make your offer stand out from the rest by showing the seller you are pre approved for mortgage financing. Watch the short 2 minute video below and follow the steps or call us direct at (949) 291-8468.

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Why Should I Get A Mortgage Pre Approval?

Getting approval on your home loan in advance of entering into a purchase agreement is very important for a number of reasons.

  1. Saved Time! – Financing is often the most important part of a lengthy real estate transaction. Knowing that you qualify and are pre approved ahead of making an offer can save you a great deal of time if you discover you are not eligible for financing

  2. Attractive Offer – When making an offer on home there are often many competing offers. A great way to make yours stand out to the seller is by letting them know you are already pre-approved for financing. Often times home sellers want not just the highest offer, but the offer that will provide the fewest complications during the transaction. Pre approval let’s them know you are serious and ready to go!

  3. Knowing Your Limits – Before searching for a home it is a good idea to know what the maximum loan amount you can qualify for is. The pre approval process will give you a good general idea as to how large of a home loan you can afford to finance. Again, this saves you time by knowing what your appropriate budget should be when shopping for homes.
  4. Real-Life Reviews!

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    What Will I Need To Get Pre Approved?

    In order to get pre approved you will often times need to provide the following documents for verification:

    • Employer pay stubs for the past 30 days (if paid via W2)
    • 2 years of tax returns
    • 2 months of bank statements
    • Copy of your drivers license
    • Most recent mortgage statement (if applicable)

    All of these documents are very important to the preapproval process. Be sure to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and truthful information you can in order to avoid any errors in your approval.

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Fast Mortgage Rate Quotes