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Refinance your home or investment property with no closing costs! Blue Loan Services is a family owned and operated mortgage company, conveniently located in the city of Foothill Ranch, CA. We specialize in offering our client’s low wholesale mortgage rates, while providing superior customer service.


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What Are The Benefits Of Refinancing With No Closing Costs?

There are many reasons why someone would want to refinance with no closing costs. Here are a few of them:

    1. Avoid Upfront Fees – The main benefit of a zero closing cost refinance is that it often times saves the consumer (borrower) from having to pay many of the upfront fees that accompany a typical refinance. This is done by either allocating the fees to the total balance of the new loan or increasing the interest rate on the new loan to compensate for the low upfront cost.


    1. Save Cash! – When you don’t have thousands of dollars of cash on hand to pay for a traditional refinance of your mortgage loan, a zero point and zero closing cost solution may be right for you. If you are simply tight on cash or want to save the money to invest in upgrades and remodeling of your home, a no up-front fee refinance could be your answer.


    1. Moving Soon? – Often times if you are not planning to stay in your home much longer but you still want to refinance, then a no closing costs refinance can be a great solution. Rather than paying out of pocket for the refinance and not realizing a break-even point on your investment until years later, you can save more money by pursuing a zero cost solution and selling the property before you reach your break-even point on what you would have saved by doing a traditional refinance with costs.

Keep in mind everyone’s situation and goals will be different when it comes to a zero point, zero cost refinance. Speak with one of our mortgage professionals to learn the scenario that’s right for you!

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What Is Your Goal In Refinancing?

It is important to understand there are many reasons for a person to want to refinance their home. It is not always as simple as paying a lower rate. The most common reasons to refinance are as follows:

      • Lowering your home loan’s interest rate
      • Pulling cash out of your equity to upgrade and remodel your home
      • Pulling cash out to consolidate debts and pay personal expenses
      • Lowering your monthly mortgage payment
      • Shortening the term of your loan to be paid off faster
      • Increasing your loan term or loan amount

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you would want to refinance. Whether it is a no point, no closing cost solution or a traditional refinance where you as the borrower pay out of pocket for the financing of the transaction, be sure to speak with one of our professionals and be clear on what your goals are first!

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